Mission Statement

The Leon H. Charney Forum on New Diplomacy’s mission is to educate participants about the impact of technology on diplomacy and geo-politics and provide them with practical tools in the field of New Diplomacy to enrich and adapt the current diplomatic conversation to the ever-changing new realities of the age of information. This will be achieved through the exploration, study and teaching of cutting edge methodologies in New Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy, Place Branding, Social and Behavioral Studies, Ethics and Digital Literacy.

New Diplomacy

New diplomacy represents the dramatic shift traditional diplomacy is undergoing currently: from an advocacy-based model of G2G to a pro-active model based on marketing, communications and narrative. In this new form of international relations new participants are playing an active role. Learn more


Leon Charney (July 23, 1938 – March 21, 2016) was an American attorney, businessman, author, philanthropist, foreign policy specialist, political commentator, media personality and Cantor.
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The Leon H. Charney Forum on New Diplomacy was established to provide one-of-its-kind training and practical tools in the emerging practice of new diplomacy. The Charney Forum is dedicated to the practice of new diplomacy without neglecting the foundational and conventional practices of classic diplomacy. Learn more


The Leon H. Charney Forum on New Diplomacy is the brainchild of Israeli-American philanthropist Tzili Charney. Leon more

Examine what options you have available to you. Maintain an awareness of this. Make proper choices and bring changes in your life, while at the same time, contributing to make the world a better place.
— Leon H. Charney