The Charney Forum on New Diplomacy was established to provide one-of-a-kind training and practical tools in the emerging practice of New Diplomacy. The Charney Forum is dedicated to the practice of New Diplomacy without neglecting the foundational and conventional practices of classic diplomacy. In this age of information overload, hyper-connectivity, social media, and self-designed news-feeds, it is no secret that old-fashioned diplomacy is becoming increasingly antiquated. Established in a different era, diplomacy practitioners and governments struggle to adapt and adjust their diplomatic operations to the new technological environment. Traditional practices and methodologies encounter deep and profound demographic, social, political, and economic challenges as well.

Through several courses offered, the Charney Forum will provide participants with a wide variety of new tools from digital literacy to the branding and marketing of nations and cities through the study of ethics, culture, geo-politics, negotiations, and media relations. By using real-life examples, the Charney Forum will feature some of the most compelling teachers, speakers, diplomacy practitioners, and researchers in the areas mentioned.

Our courses will examine how the information revolution has brought about a fundamental paradigm shift that has affected the goals and methods of traditional diplomacy, from an essentially G2G endeavor (government to government) to P2P (people to people) approach.

The Charney Forum is dedicated to the exploration of the impact the information revolution has had on the core practice of diplomacy by policy-makers and practitioners.

Participants will be given cutting edge tools to analyze, practice, and implement New Diplomacy in all walks of life.

Forum courses do not assume nor require previous knowledge of New Diplomacy, public diplomacy, place branding, or any specific type of technological knowledge.

Upon completion, participants will receive an official University of Haifa Certificate of completion.


The Charney Forum on New Diplomacy’s mission is to educate participants about the impact of technology on diplomacy and geo-politics and provide them with practical tools in the field of New Diplomacy to enrich and adapt the current diplomatic conversation to the ever-changing new realities of the age of information. This will be achieved through the exploration, study, and teaching of cutting-edge methodologies in New Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy, Place Branding, Social and Behavioral Studies, Ethics, and Digital Literacy.